Our Top Beauty Brands This Spring

Can you guys believe it’s already spring? It feels like the year is flying by. In honor of the spring season, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite beauty brands you NEED in your makeup bag. If you’re  looking to step up your makeup game, keep on reading to learn about our must-have brands this spring.


Full-On Plumping Lip Polish Gloss

If you’re on the hunt  for a lip gloss that gently plumps your lips, isn’t sticky, and is high-shine, look no further. The Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Polish is the perfect everyday lip gloss for on the go touch ups. It has a refreshing, tingling sensation that feels ah-mazing on the lips. 



Continuous Setting Mist

The Morphe Continuous Setting Mist is a product that will level up your makeup application-- not to lock in makeup, but to melt makeup together for a flawless finish. Using this in between steps during your foundation routine will change 👏the 👏game.  For example, apply foundation--spray, apply concealer--spray, apply powder--spray, etc. It has an amazing continuous, air-powered spray that gives you an even application AND smells phenomenal. This is the perfect product to have throughout your day.


Anastasia Beverly Hills

Powder Bronzer

We recently discovered this beautiful ABH bronzer and now we can’t imagine our makeup routine without it. This is a finely milled bronzer, which you can build up to achieve that perfect natural matte finish. This gives you a “I just got back from vacation” glow. It also has a large mirror, perfect for on-the-go touch-ups!


Charlotte Tilbury

 Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder

This Charlotte Tilbury Powder is the most beautiful face powder that blurs away fine lines and imperfections. The ingredients include rose wax and almond oil which create a smooth, flawless finish. This powder is the perfect pick-me-up for when your makeup starts to separate and you get a little oily. Trust me, you will be obsessed.


Kylie Cosmetics

Baddie On The Block Blush

I’m pretty sure by now we have all heard of Kylie Cosmetics. Whether you are a Kylie fan or not, there's no denying her new blushes. The blush shown above is Baddie On The Block, but depending on your skin tone there are many options. These blushes are buildable and give your cheeks the most beautiful flush of color. And the packaging, ARE YOU KIDDING--so cute. They also come with a mirror, perfect for touch ups throughout the day!



BADgal BANG Mascara

What would a makeup bag be without mascara?! The BADgal BANG mascara is the best mascara that Benefit has and they make some bomb mascaras! It creates major volume without weighing down lashes, it’s smudge proof AND water resistant. It’s the perfect mascara to keep in your makeup bag!



Makeup Saving Kit

And last but certainly not least, a makeup bag wouldn’t be complete without the PowderRx Makeup Saving Kit. The save-all product that repairs all of your broken powder based makeup in three easy steps. We're constantly breaking our favorite bronzers, highlighters, powders, etc., so having PowderRx in your bag allows you to be prepared for any makeup tragedies 100% of the time. We got you girl.