How To: Apply Foundation with Makeup Brushes

While we all might not wear foundation every day, it’s important to have a foundation routine for the days we want to look polished. The brushes you use are key to achieving a flawless makeup application. You want to make sure the brush you are using is going to distribute the foundation evenly across your face without leaving streaks.



Picking a foundation brush can be difficult because there are so many different kinds and brands to choose from. Don’t worry, I am here to narrow it down for you and let you in on the greatest foundation tip. While flat top kabuki brushes get the job done in terms of applying an even layer of foundation, they don’t quite pack the punch that is necessary for achieving flawless looking skin. The holy grail foundation brush everyone needs to be using is the Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer Brush. This fluffy, duo-fiber domed brush, buffs foundation into the skin so effortlessly. The dense synthetic bristles will give your makeup an airbrush finish whether the coverage of your foundation is light, medium, or full.



When it comes to choosing a foundation, it is very important that you know your skin type so the foundation will comply with your skin once it is applied. If you have skin that tends to be on the dry side, then you should choose a foundation that has a satin or dewy finish. This will ensure that any texture or dry patches you have will not be emphasized. If your skin tends to be oilier then you should stick to a foundation that has a natural or a matte finish so the oil your skin produces doesn’t progress or become more apparent throughout the day.



Applying foundation with the Morphe M439 is very simple. After moisturizing and applying primer is when you will attain the most flawless foundation application. When you choose the foundation you want to use, make sure to read the bottle to see if there are any directions. Often times brands will incorporate a “shake well” label on the foundation bottle. If it says to shake well, then make sure to do so as it can manipulate the product into its purest form. Depending upon if your foundation is a liquid, cream, mist, stick, or powder depends upon how you will apply it. Even though there are many types of foundation, this brush is perfect for all of the above. Either apply the foundation directly on to your face (whether that be dotting a liquid all over your skin or spraying a mist on to your face) or apply it to the back of your hand. If you choose to apply it straight on to your face, then go ahead and grab your foundation brush and start buffing the foundation in to your skin. Instead of rubbing the brush in back and forth motions, make sure to dab and press the brush on to you face; you will get a more flawless finish this way. If you choose to apply it on to the back of your hand, then grab the foundation brush dip it into the product and apply it on to your face in the same manner as listed above; dab and press. You will repeat the dab and press motion until you have reached an even color and product distribution across your entire face. Try out this quick and easy foundation routine for an everyday flawless look or a full glam knockout moment.


We are all prone to dropping things, especially when rushing to get our foundation routine done. I think at some point, we have all dropped and cracked our favorite powder foundations, bronzers, highlighters, etc. Make sure to pick up Powder Rx so you never have to throw away a cracked compact again; don't worry, I got you girl!